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How We’re Showing Self-Love This Month, and Beyond

Here at Knickey, we believe self-care starts with the base layer you don daily - your Undies! Since our inception, GOTS certified organic cotton has been at the core of our product offering, promising chemical-free fabrics on your body. But how else do we show our bodies love? The truth is, it’s in the small moments. 

Take a Moment to Stretch


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Whether you work from home or have a commute to an office, everyone has muscles that tense up or bother them throughout the day. Don’t forget to honor your body, and take a moment to incorporate stretching into your daily routine. Your body will feel better on the day-to-day in no time. 

Dry Brush and Hydrate


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Certified organic cotton is great for your skin, but take it a step further with a dry brush routine! Your skin will appreciate the gentle and regular exfoliation, and if you top it with your lotion or body butter of choice, your skin will thank you with a glow like Alena's. 

Never Underestimate Bath Time


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Sometimes, all we need is a moment to ourselves to recenter. Draw a bath, grab a face mask, and your libation of choice - there is always time to celebrate you! 

Dance It Out


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Nothing beats blasting a favorite tune and just shaking it all out. So perfect your playlist, grab your dance partner, and put on the comfiest clothes you own. Before you know it, you’ll be breaking a sweat an hour into your own personal concert! 

You Deserve to Sleep In

Who’s feeling tired or burnt out? Everyone? Great! It’s best to listen to your body and get as much sleep as possible, when possible. When time allows, don’t let guilt or little voices in your head tell you that you need to get up and have an incredibly productive day. We all deserve to sleep in, have a late morning, and a lazy day once in a while. 

Whatever Makes You Happy

And in the words of our friend Kelly, “order in or make your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie or read that book you’ve been meaning to get to — or do whatever makes you happy!” There’s no reason not to lean into your joy - big or small!

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