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Behind the Seams

We believe quality products come from quality people who manage their farms, factories and facilities responsibly. We proudly partner with manufacturers who are aligned with our values, and rely on third-party certifications to verify our claims (GOTS, Fair Trade, and Oeko-Tex to name a few).

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The Subset journey begins from the seed itself, at an organic farm in Gujarat, India, that grows non-GMO, certified organic cotton. Free from fungicides and toxic insecticides, the cotton is free to bloom naturally without intervention, and is handpicked at harvest – creating jobs for local communities and preventing high energy use from traditional machinery like combines.1

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Once baled, the cotton gets shipped south for the next step: ginning. In the ginning process, fibers are separated from the seeds to be cleaned and combed at a certified organic facility in Tamil Nadu.

Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

From there, the fibers are spun into spools of yarn at a certified spinner in the neighboring city, Tirupur. Once cleaned, combed and spun into yarn, the cotton is ready to be made into fabric.

Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

At another certified organic factory, yarns are knitted into bolts of fabric that get dyed and finished with Oeko-Tex Certified materials, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals, bleach, and heavy metals). Once the fabric is dyed, it’s cut and sewn into our essential innerwear - underwear, bras, lounge and more.

Brooklyn, NY

Your orders are packaged and shipped from our Brooklyn, NY warehouse, plastic-free directly to your door. Plus, from seed-to-you, the process is completely carbon neutral. We make it easy for you to be easy on the planet.

Recycling with SuperCircle - USA

Having recycled over one million items since launching the world's first intimates Recycling Program, Subset has always considered the end of life of our products. Our inaugural program downcycled used bras, undergarments, socks and hosiery into secondary uses like furniture batting and carpet pads. Now in partnership with SuperCircle, all returned Subset products are fiber-to-fiber recycled for a truly circular supply chain.


  1. Textile Exchange, “Environmental Benefits of Organic Cotton.” Accessed 12 May 2020.
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