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Selecting Your Size: Fitting with Knickey

Without a reliable set of industry standards, bra sizing can feel like a gamble from brand to brand - leaving it to you to order, try, return, repeat. And to be totally honest, we don’t love that for you. To set things straight, we're as clear as can be about how you can expect Knickey to fit, but if it doesn’t work out, Bralettes with no signs of wear and their original hangtags can be exchanged for the right size or returned to refund within 30 days. So before you purchase your next Knickey Bralette, let’s get into the nitty-gritty to make sure you find the right one for you!

Measurements Are Key 

Fun fact: It is widely reported that anywhere from 70-80% of people are wearing the wrong bra size - so we highly recommend measuring yourself as the basis for size selection when shopping our Bralettes!1

To get the most precise size possible, we recommend measuring your chest in two key areas: the bust and the band. The bust measurement refers to the fullest part of your chest, and the band refers to the measurement around your ribcage below your bust. Our sizing chart has suggested sizing for combinations of these measurements, and we find this to be the most accurate. There are some additional tips for ensuring the most accurate measurements, though. Firstly, do not slacken, angle or pull the measuring tape too tight - allow the measuring tape to remain comfortable around your body, parallel to the ground all the way around your chest. Any skewing, tightening or loosening of the measuring tape could result in selecting the wrong size and a disappointing experience - which nobody wants. When you go to take the measurement, inhale normally and note the measurement before exhaling. This will ensure the most accurate measurement for comfort and ease of wear. Pro tip: if you have a roommate, friend, or partner handy, have them measure for you - if you can avoid moving your arms, you will get a more accurate reading!

Narrow Your Choices

When deciding on a size, it’s also important to keep in mind if you want adjustability in your style selection. From our offering, The Scoop Bralette is a pull-over-the-head design - and while it does not feature adjustability in the arms or bust, is certainly super secure. However our other pull-over style, The Tank includes adjustable recycled nylon straps with eco-coated rings and sliders to help tailor the Bralette even further to your body in both support and chest length from your shoulder to your ribs. If you’re looking for adjustable support and fit around the chest, our Triangle and Keyhole both feature hook-and-eye closures in the back, in addition to adjustable shoulders. With these details in mind, one style might serve your needs better than another, and can also provide some additional leeway within size selection.

Compare Your Old Bra

If you’re used to alpha-numerical sizing, our sizing chart offers suggestions for equivalencies across Knickey’s size range. For example, a 32B would be a Small whereas a 36D would land at a Large. And if you need any clarity while shopping, our Fit Experts can always help you select a size based on your measurements, or existing bra collection. 

Try on Tips

As we said, Bralettes with no sign of wear and their hangtags still on are eligible for exchange or refund. Here are a few guiding principles when it comes to trying on at home, risk-free!

When trying on for the first time, make sure your skin is free from deodorant, oils, lotions, or self-tanners that might stain the fabric and make your return ineligible. 

If applicable, start first by placing the bust band on the loosest hook. As you wear it, the Bralette will stretch and you can adjust for that by using tighter hooks over time. If you’re using the loosest hook and find the band is digging into your ribcage or riding up in the back, you’ll likely need to go up one size.

If your Bralette has adjustable shoulder straps, save these for last. Once your bust band is secure, use the D-ring sliders to adjust your shoulder straps comfortably. Not too tight that they dig into your shoulders, but tight enough to not slip off. 

Still unsure? Check out all our Bralettes styles in size XS - XXXL on TikTok


  1. “Breast size, bra fit and thoracic pain in young women: a correlational study.” Cameron, Fitzgerald, Wood. 13 March 2008.


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