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Understanding the LCA, otherwise known as the life cycle assessment, of our products has  always been a major goal of ours, and this past year, we are proud to say we partnered with Green Story to make it happen.

An LCA is simply the measurement of a product’s impact, from the raw materials that are used to make it, all the way to how it is disposed of at the end of its life. There are so many manys to measure impact, and as a result, LCAs can measure a variety of different impact categories, such as the amount of drinking water used or the carbon dioxide emitted throughout the life of a product.

In order to calculate the impact of Knickey products, Green Story first gathered data on our supply chain and materials, including but not limited to where our certified organic cotton is grown, where our Undies and Bralettes are manufactured, and how everything is transported between each cog in the supply chain. With our sales, materials, and sustainable practices in mind, Green Story did a bunch of fancy calculations behind the scenes, and estimated the environmental impact of our products along their entire journey from seed and soil to your Top Drawer. 

Green Story also helps to share the LCA data in a digestible way, making metrics such as “Glasses of Drinking Water Saved” or “Bottles Recycled” the focal point of their results. At Knickey, we utilize this technology to continue our goal of being completely transparent with you, our customers, and as a result, you can find this assessment for each and every Knickey Undie and Bralette style under the “Impact” section of their product page. You can actually see how much carbon dioxide we offset, how many glasses of drinking water are saved, and how much land is spared from toxic pesticides and fertilizers, all by choosing Knickeys, made of certified organic materials. 

We measure what we can control, so our LCA calculations for each product do not include the impact once it reaches your doorstep. We cannot account for the environmental impact of how our customers wash and dry their Knickeys (though we recommend cold and hang-drying, for the environment and your Undies!) or how they are disposed of when they reach their official end of life (but if they recycle with us, the impact is, of course, way less!)  As they say, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so having a baseline of the impact of each of our products gives us a starting point from which to improve. Knowing the impact of our products also shows us how much our sustainable materials and practices help to improve the impact of each product compared to products that use conventional practices.

Find out the impact of your favorite Knickey style, now!



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