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It's In the Small Things

Here at Knickey, we prioritize sustainable practices in as many ways as we can. Our commitment to the planet  can be seen in each and every one of the certifications we proudly hold, but we also recognize that combating climate change can happen on a much smaller level. We believe in the power of the culmination of the little things, and that’s why so many of our day-to-day practices in manufacturing, shipping, and even design are just as impactful as the certifications we hold near and dear. Take a look at some of the small things we do that we believe add up and make a difference. 

Solar Powered 

Our Impact Report has demonstrated year after year that manufacturing continues to be the sector of our business that emits the most Greenhouse Gas Emissions. In 2021, our primary manufacturing partner installed solar panels on the roof of their facility to help reduce their reliance on emissions-intensive energy sources. These panels will ultimately provide 60% of the factory’s total energy needs, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of every pair of Knickey’s made.

If It’s Synthetic, It’s Recycled 

You might have noticed by now that we’re not huge fans of synthetic materials here, and that we choose certified organic cotton time after time. With the introduction of Bralettes, we were faced with a whole new set of challenges: sourcing strong and supportive material that was still sustainable. While we did opt for naturally derived Tencel to account for the bust band of our Bralettes, recycled nylon became our material of choice for the shoulder straps. The important note here is that this nylon is recycled, meaning we did not add any additional plastic or synthetics into the universe while creating this, but rather repurposed pre-existing textiles. 

Always Offsetting 

For the past two years, we have achieved Climate Neutral Certification, meaning that we have fully offset our emissions - making Knickey a completely carbon neutral company! Meeting the Climate Neutral Certification also means we have used best-in-class Climate Neutral-approved carbon credits, that are verified by the most reputable carbon registries in the world. Additionally, through our partnership with Cloverly, we are able to offset the shipping emissions from every single order placed at Knickey - at no extra cost to the customer. In 2021, that accounted for 32% of our total carbon footprint!

The Total Package 

Not only does your Knickey package come in an SFI certified box and ship completely carbon neutral, but the package is entirely plastic-free, too! Each Knickey shipment is made to fit within our packaging perfectly, removing the need for unnecessary fillers (which are usually plastic), and doesn’t include any frills such as postcards or stickers. Unless it’s your very first order, where you receive a recyclable pamphlet with some information on our materials and Recycling Program, you can only expect one thing in your shipment: GOTS certified organic cotton goodness.

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