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Your Support System: Bralette Materials We Love

You know that certified organic cotton is our ride-or-die, but in designing our Bralettes, we had to call upon some of our other favorite materials to help with stretch and support because organic cotton can’t do it alone. Find out why we choose our new arsenal of materials and what makes them the most sustainable option for Knickey!


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The Band

The underbust band of our Bralettes is made primarily from Tencel. Tencel, which is made by the innovative textile company, Lenzing, is made from responsibly sourced wood pulp. The material offers natural breathability and anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a perfect choice for the band of our Bralettes (no swoobies here!). Additionally, Tencel is produced in a closed-loop process, which reuses the water and chemicals used in processing to conserve resources - unlike Tencel’s not-so-lovely cousins viscose & rayon.1 It’s one of the most sustainably-made materials available on the market today!

The Details

The D-Rings and sliders used in a handful of our Bralettes offer more than just the ability to adjust your Bralettes for comfort. They are also finished using an eco-coating process that cuts down on both water and energy use. Most metals used in clothing are finished by electroplating, which is a process that involves heavy water and energy use, and can be riddled with toxins. Our hardware bypasses this process entirely, making it much lighter on the planet and you.

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The Straps

Even our Bralette straps are made of something special - what, did you think we’d stop searching for sustainably-sourced options at the strap?! Our Knickey Bralette straps are composed of recycled nylon, which reduces our need for new, aka “virgin” materials. The recycled nylon that we utilize comes from material that was underused in the production process of other garments - usually scraps and off-cuts that would typically be thrown away. These materials are processed and re-spun in order to be used in new ways, and we are excited to reduce our need for virgin textiles by integrating recycled nylon into our Bralettes!

The Body

Just like in our Undies, we pride ourselves on the fact that the body of our Bralettes are made primarily of GOTS certified organic cotton. But in order to make sure they mold to your body and remain intact wash after wash, we weave a small amount of elastane into the fabric (only about 5%!). Although elastane does not check all of our sustainability boxes, we feel that its contribution to the great fit of our products and their durability makes it necessary at this time. We are working to replace the elastane in our products with a biobased or recycled option in the future, and we can’t wait to share it with you when we do! 




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